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Before contacting support, make sure you have read the FAQ as it covers most issues and can save you a lot of time. The best way to have your issue resolved is by opening a Support Ticket. All tickets are reviewed within 6 hours from the time of submission, and we prioritize all issues based on our assessment of their urgency/criticality. Our general guidelines for this assessment are as follows:
  • Priority 1 - user cannot use our software and their servers are completely inaccessible.
  • Priority 2 - specific functionality issues, but the user’s servers are accessible.
  • Priority 3 - minor functional or cosmetic issue not covered in FAQ.

If we don’t clearly understand the nature of your problem from the ticket, we will contact you and ask for clarification. We can guarantee to resolve your issue within a timeframe, based on priority: Priority 1 - within 24 hours, Priority 2 - within 3 days, Priority 3 - within 2 weeks.

Sales and Customer Support

Issues related to using service, upgrading to a different subscription, resolving errors, and other product-related issues.

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