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The best Linux control panel for the money

We offer two convenient pricing plans you can choose between based on your needs. Your first registered server is always FREE to use, and all pricing applies to servers registered after the first.

FREE Plan Try us for free.
Subscription Term
Server count
Payment plan Subscription for long term.
Subscription Term
Server count

The time based plan is for users who either frequently connect to their server, or want to stay connected to it indefinitely. This plan runs on a monthly subscription. Prepaid quarterly and yearly subscriptions are discounted, and the 1st server you connect is always free.

The Most Versatile Server Management Panel

ServerSuit is all cloud and no installation! Our Linux server management suite uses Secure Shell connection to manage your servers with zero performance footprint!

Achieve Absolute Portability!

Connect to your Linux servers from any device. ServerSuit works on Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.

Manage Multiple Linux Servers Easily!

No need to connect and login to each of your servers. Instead instantly perform a large variety of Linux server management tasks directly from ServerSuit's easy to read Dashboard.

Dedicate server resources to mission-critical tasks!

Do not burden your Linux servers with non-essential software. ServerSuit does not install any client software to your serves, no does it require open connections for any significant time.

Enjoy A Wide Range of Server Tools and Utilities!

Manage services, user accounts, databases, web servers, DNS, domains. Install software and create back ups.

Reduce workload and improve team productivity!

Most standard tasks can be launched in batches, across multiple Linux server and run unattended, notifying you about status upon completion.

Improve Emergency Response!

Increase uptime! Get notified and react instantly from any smartphone, tablet, PC.

Save time on software installation!

Install frequently used software from our Software Chest directly to your Linux servers, in minutes. No need to navigate to vendors sites then download and install on each server. Visit our Software Chest to see what software is available for direct installation.

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