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Secure Connection To ServerSuit Application
Moaiad Ashourizadeh

As someone how was in the IT business for more than a decade and has done a lot of research in the field of security, the last thing I want to do is put my servers at the edge of the internet (services like SSH, SNMP, etc... which can be dangerous ). I think the best way to handle a connection between your ServerSuit application and your client's servers is through a tunnel. this way you will have a more secure and reliable way of connection. Thanks

docker containers
Nijakat Ali

Move all the software into docker containers. It'll make the installation easier, same with upgrade and movement from one server to another.

Support ubuntu 20 and 18
Nijakat Ali

Please support ubuntu 20 and 18

Marshall Williams

Just my suggestion/ Add openlitespeed to the servers to choose from

Ubuntu 20.04 support

Please support Ubuntu 20.04

software installation
Sudesh Prajapati

please improve it speed of installation softwarte. it take more time to install software there is a one bug i have instaled lamp packages but phpmyadmin not installed. please check

Add More Database Options
Jude Cadet

I like the concept of a single pane of management for all servers no matter where they exist. I would like more options for different database software installs, such as MongoDB and Redis. I have a few projects, and I will install those packages manually. it would be nice to have an automated way to install it as needed.

maybe make all the available software dockerized?
Denis Mironov

Move all the software into docker containers. It'll make the installation easier, same with upgrade and movement from one server to another.

improvement and testing
docker user

Like if you guys would like to know and test your dashboard functionality much more provide one or two testing servers to test.

Better log details....
Dinesh Rathee

It would be great if we can improve error logging info for customer a bit more detailed :)

User Creation
Vivek sharma

I try to create user with semi-root privilages, but unfortunately there is no option to make a low privilage user as a root/semi-root user. My suggestion is, there will be a option like read,write, execute option to mark user as a root/semiroot privilages

Account Security
Vivek sharma

It is mandatory to make your account more secure, If you are using Remote client toaccess your server Via any internet connected device. My suggestion is to make : Two-Step-Authentication Option to register there mobile number or registerd mail id to activate security on that same account user want to access the server with that perticular account.

Activity logs
Vivek sharma

I have a suggestion to take Active log from server suit to my personal desktop. If there is a option to save the Active logs, by doing manual serarch from to date and Create a CSV file of .TXT file and save it to your personal desktop and add another option to make send option for forwarding the log file to whome you can want to update or notify with perticular instance in serverice logs. Regards, Vivek Sharma

My Software
Kanu Chaudhari

How Do I list my installed software in installation list

How about Load Balancer ? Like HAProxy
Rajagopal Baskaran

Why don't you have LoadBalancer capabilities as part of your service?, I am looking for LB and I had the LB options only with bit giants like aws,Google and digital ocean. Just for the LB, I need to stay with them and pay them what they ask for to have High availability. I really all the software stack, except LB. If you have the LoadBalancer implementation, that would be a great add LB to your service and you would get more customers as well..

Two factor authentication is required
Rajagopal Baskaran

Hello, I just started using your service, so far so good. But I have one little concern with respect to security. The application is not logging out after some time. it always says connected even if I restart my computer. seems like the session is based on cookies or something?. But apart from above, I feel insecure with security because your service does not have two-factor authentication. because If someone has/hacks my password of your service then, they can able to spin as many droplets they want and make me pay for it since I connect DigitalOcean from your service. Is there any plan for implementing two-factor security like SMS/email of thru authentication app? SSL RSA Key token?

dmitriy yankauskas

under apps. add Setup PHP website. so admin panel creates PHP site and generates NGINX related configs etc

dmitriy yankauskas

add support for SSL Let’s Encrypt. so I can select site and add ssl

Implement support for Ubuntu 18!
Evangelos Papakirykou

Implement support for Ubuntu 18!

Martin Bhuong

Hello, i really love your tool, and am glad someone is working hard to ensure sys admin is easy. however with regards to dns server, i wish you made it a possibility for someone to setup their own name servers, or even be able to create vanity name servers from within their servers. that would be great a thing to be able to setup. and thats a key feature i would be using most for my domain management on my server.