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My Software
Kanu Chaudhari

How Do I list my installed software in installation list

How about Load Balancer ? Like HAProxy
Rajagopal Baskaran

Why don't you have LoadBalancer capabilities as part of your service?, I am looking for LB and I had the LB options only with bit giants like aws,Google and digital ocean. Just for the LB, I need to stay with them and pay them what they ask for to have High availability. I really all the software stack, except LB. If you have the LoadBalancer implementation, that would be a great add LB to your service and you would get more customers as well..

Two factor authentication is required
Rajagopal Baskaran

Hello, I just started using your service, so far so good. But I have one little concern with respect to security. The application is not logging out after some time. it always says connected even if I restart my computer. seems like the session is based on cookies or something?. But apart from above, I feel insecure with security because your service does not have two-factor authentication. because If someone has/hacks my password of your service then, they can able to spin as many droplets they want and make me pay for it since I connect DigitalOcean from your service. Is there any plan for implementing two-factor security like SMS/email of thru authentication app? SSL RSA Key token?

dmitriy yankauskas

under apps. add Setup PHP website. so admin panel creates PHP site and generates NGINX related configs etc

dmitriy yankauskas

add support for SSL Let’s Encrypt. so I can select site and add ssl

Implement support for Ubuntu 18!
Evangelos Papakirykou

Implement support for Ubuntu 18!

Martin Bhuong

Hello, i really love your tool, and am glad someone is working hard to ensure sys admin is easy. however with regards to dns server, i wish you made it a possibility for someone to setup their own name servers, or even be able to create vanity name servers from within their servers. that would be great a thing to be able to setup. and thats a key feature i would be using most for my domain management on my server.

ServernSuit is Excellecnt Managment for Linux Server Environment
Murugesan Arumugam

I am strongly recommended to use the Serve Suit Management utility to manage the Linux servers to ensure the environment will be stable and easily to address the issue with the dashboard information and automation of the Monitoring Real time server indicators to avoid the outage of the services.


Hi everybody. I present the team who support, develop the soft for the console panel by using the Microsoft technology. But I have the team who have the big experience in the your techologies (PHP, MySQL) Now I try to look for the new clients for us. My team work is remotely. If you are interested, please, give me to know. Vlad

Partial Review
Evan Morgan

The following criticisms and suggestions are after testing this too with the free 30 minute VPS. Unfortunately in that time I was unable to test everything, and as my servers are all Cent 7 I was not able to add any to further test. If you would like further review/criticism beyond this, I can create another about to text further with another 30 minute VPS. - On mobile, from the profile section, server list/add buttons do not work. - With the sensitivity of the info located on a tool like this, I'd strongly suggest mandatory 2-factor auth for login. For simplicity, maybe add a walkthrough to help basic/new users set that up. This way even if the about password is compromised, the server info is not. This adds yet another level of security to help prevent catastrophic events. Even if not mandatory, there should be an option to implement for security conscious users. - For the bandwidth section it may be better to put "upload" and"download. I suggest this because my experience to this point indicates that many beginner users (non-admins who may wish to manage their own servers) are already familiar with this terminology as opposed to "input" and "output". - I like the layout regarding load times. Innovative and easy to grasp even for beginner users. - In the monitoring section I love that you can set CPU thresholds. Only thing I'd add is the ability to turn monitoring off for individual services, as it is possible that I may not want to get notifications about certain services. - I know many users like to be able to implement WHMCS on their cPanel servers, but since this seems to essentially take place of cPanel that's not an option. To add another competitive edge to your product, I would suggest considering offering a competitive tool to WHMCS. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this testing process, Evan Morgan

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