ServerSuit Features

Wide Range of Server Tools and Utilities

  • Monitor server state and manage running services.
  • Manage user accounts.
  • Database Installation and Configuration.
  • Web Server Setup and Configuration.
  • Domain Management and DNS.
  • FTP Server Setup and Configuration.

Manage Multiple Linux Servers

Instead of connecting to each Linux server you work with individually, our dashboard let’s you:

  • Control multiple Linux servers.
  • Monitor server state and resource usage.
  • Linux administration.

Workload Reduction

ServerSuit controls Linux servers via native secure shell connection.

  • ServerSuit is fully cloud-based, and does not install itself on your Linux servers.
  • Unlike other Linux administration software, ServerSuit does not use any server resources.

Absolute Portability

  • ServerSuit allows Linux server administration from any device with a browser and internet access.
  • Manage Linux servers from Windows, Mac, Android or any other platform.

Emergency Response

A Linux server is down while you’re away?

  • React instantly from any device you can get your hands on - a tablet, smartphone, or public computer.
  • Increase Uptime and Improve Service Level.

Quick access to Linux software

  • Easy Install software on your linux servers from repository.

All this with

Intuitive Graphic User Interface

User friendly interface allows you to manage Linux servers without the need to call your sysadmin.

  • Perform most tasks with only a few clicks, and no coding required!
  • Custom templates.

Sophisticated Security Protection

  • Users’ data, server access info, and cryptographic keys are stored on several different servers.
  • Server access keys are encoded with 256-bit encryption with multiple security layers.

Fair and Flexible Pricing Model

  • Choose between several service plans including annual, monthly, hourly, or session-based pay as you go plans.
  • The more you use ServerSuit, the more you save!
  • Cancel anytime!
For full set of features and to compare ServerSuit with other panels see our comparison matrix

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