When a client’s server is added (registered) to a managed cluster of servers, the server has to be accessed via an account that has root privileges (e.g. root). Note that this account will not be stored/remembered by LINUXSUIT. Instead LINUXSUIT will create a new “SYSTEM” account that will be used to manage the server. Real user name, as well as password, for this account is generated automatically using a proprietary algorithm, and are not known by anyone. These generated credentials are stored encrypted within LINUXSUIT domain. The “SYSTEM” account is used further to perform any operation on managed servers. Note, that we do not install any ‘client” software on managed servers. All tasks on managed servers are executed using pre build or dynamically generated shell scripts. We do not keep connections to your servers opened. After executing a requested operation, LinuxSuit immidiatelly disconnects, so no resources on your servers are wasted running our software.

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