Servers Authentication Options

  1. Full trusted mode. This mode assumes that all the credentials of “SYSTEM” account required to access managed server(s) are stored by ServerSuit (details on what we do to protect stored credentials are provided in the section Data and Password Protection). The major advantage of this option is that it enables batch task execution (a task or tasks that can be set up once and then automatically executed against all the servers selected without a need to provide credentials for each server for each session). It will also allow enabling real time monitoring options. Thus, this option provides a significant productivity improvement compared with other options.
    Full trusted mode is the default authentication option.  We realize that, for various reasons, some of our clients may find this option is too risky. Continue reading for other available settings.
  2. Full trusted mode with a session token.  This option will insure that passwords for “SYSTEM” accounts are consisting of two parts: password body (auto generated) and a token (one for all managed servers). Thus the real passwords for servers accounts will be build out of password body and the token. User name/password bodies are stored in our system (like in option #1), while the token needs to be remembered/stored outside of ServerSuit. This option will require a user to enter the token after logging to ServerSuit dashboard and before any connection with managed servers can be made. The token can persist while user is being logged to ServerSuit dashboard, or a user can choose and option that will mandate entering the token before any operation against any managed server. After logging out, managed server’s connections will be dropped, thus this option will allow batch task execution, but will not allow real time monitoring.

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