How to install a software on a server using ServerSuit dashboard

Step-by-step guide

  1. Find the relevant server in the server list, then find the “Software” tab. You will find a list of available software.
  2. Click the software you wish to install.
    Some software have dependencies, and will require other software to be installed before they can function. You will generally know if this is the case in the “Summary” panel. Other software may have conflicts with existing software. You will also be notified about conflicts in the “Summary” panel. For more info and detail about supported software, please refer to the "Software" section in ServerSuit's documentation.
  3. If the current server configuration matches the software’s requirements, you will be able to click “Install” in the “Summary” panel to begin the installation.

    We are not vendors or designers of any 3rd party software. We have not modified, changed or altered the software. We only facilitate the download and installation. You are solely responsible for being compliant with licensing requirements.
  4. Click “Proceed” to confirm the installation.

You will have a progress bar to help you track the status of the installation. You will hear a sounds alerting you that the install has finished, as well as receive a pop-up notification and an alert in your email.