How to add (register) a new server

To add a new server find and click the “Add Server” button in your dashboard. Servers can be added automatically or manually.

To add a server automatically, you will need to fill out the required fields in the “Automatic” tab:

  1. Alias - name of the server
  2. IP address - the active IP address for the server
  3. Super user - user with root privileges. In most cases, this is "root" user.
  4. SSH port - the SSH port number over which the server communicates. In most cases, this is port 22.
  5. Administrator e-mail address - If the server has an email client configured, this is where server alerts and notifications will be sent.
  6. Timezone - All software set up on this server will function using this timezone.
  7. Enable automatic time synchronization - This will be fully enabled once an ntp server is configured.

To add a server manually, you will need to copy the code in the “Manual” tab, and paste it into the server console using an account with root privileges.

When adding a server manually, you can follow the installation progress through the console or through your ServerSuit dashboard.

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