How to add a domain on a server

Step-by-step guide

  1. Find and select the server you want, and then navigate to “Accounts”
  2. And click “Manage” next to the account you want to set up a domain for
  3. Navigate to the “Domains” tab
  4. Click “Create New Domain”
  5. And enter the Domain name.
In order to register a domain you have to contact domain registrars such as, and others.

After you have acquired a domain, you need to link your domain to your server's IP address. Here are a few ways to accomplish this:

Primary method: Change NS servers

To direct the domain to your server, refer to your domain administrator to change the NS servers of the domain to:


You can do this through the administrative panel of your domain, or refer to support from your domain administrator.    

Alternate method: Change A record

To point your domain at your server, you can point the A record of your domain to the IP address of your server.

This can be done through the administrative panel of your domain zone

By using the alternate method, you will be unable to manage the domain zone using ServerSuit.