How much will ServerSuit cost

The basic idea behind our pricing structure is that the more you use ServerSuit the less it should cost you. This approach is implemented in two models, Time-based and Usage-based

  1. Time-based plan is designed for users who need to connect to their servers frequently and stay connected for significant amount of time. If you use this plan, you will be charged a monthly fee for each server you manage. Discounts are provided for managing multiple servers and for providing advanced payments for more than one month.

  2. Usage-based plan will assume charges based on the time you spend actively using ServerSuit (being connected to your dashboard) and is for users who do not need to connect to their servers frequently. The fee will be calculated based on cost per hour of usage, with minimal increment been 5 min. You will be required to make a minimum deposit for 1 hour of usage per server. Discounts will be provided for buying more time in advance.

You can switch from one payment model to another at any time. Any remaining credits will be recalculated and applied toward the currently activated model. For example:

A user has signed up for ServerSuit server control panel using the time-based plan, with quarterly payments. Within a month, after making the first payment of $30.00 the user decides that usage-based plan would be more suited for their needs. A user logs into the account and changes the payment plan settings to a usage-based plan. Since one month has already passed, $10 of his initial payment has been “consumed”. Remaining $20.00 will be transferred to usage-based plan and will be used to purchase service time with respect to hourly rate and existing volume discount.