Web Host Migration in Linux

Running your own server, at home on your own network, to host a website is pretty easy nowadays... but you still run into general upkeep issues you'd expect when running complex hardware. You already have to configure, troubleshoot and run whatever software you got on there to keep your site running, and you also have to manage the actual hardware; including maintaining the device to ensure as much uptime as possible and having to deal with memory or drive failures.

So it's pretty common to skip the whole thing altogether and use a web hosting service. In case you didn't already know, a web hosting service provides you with the entire hardware- and some software- infrastructure you'd need to run a website. For a subscription, you get all the bang of running a server for yourself and you get to avoid the headache of actually having a server with any of your custom VPS plans.

In fact, this is exactly why remote Linux control panels like ServerSuit exist; to give you a convenient tool to monitor and manage your servers remotely, including ones you get through web hosting providers. Not all control panels are created equal, however. As we've covered before, they tend to carry a lot of baggage. Existing control panels often require you to install them as a "software layer" onto which you install your other services like WordPress, Nginx, etc. This actually also means you might have to install their proprietary services- ones that do the same things as their open source counterparts... just not open source- that can be unstable and require you to wait for the "control panel compatible" versions of patches and updates. 

But there are real snags that come up when you try to change hosts.

Such as having to reconfigure the new server exactly the same way as old one. It's often an endless list of configurations, tweaks, and countless settings that are easy to forget. Most server control panels do offer backup features, but it’s not exactly a silver bullet though, since you're still tied to that control panel on the new server. 

With ServerSuit, we store each server's software configuration from the very first time you set it up. Since our control panel is cloud-based and doesn't install proprietary software, the software is automatically reinstalled to your new server with the last settings you used on your old one. Pretty nice, right? (Note that settings entered manually or by console can't be saved since it's hidden from ServerSuit.) Well... you still gotta copy over your files and databases yourself.

We're planning to launch our web hosting migration functionality within the next 2 weeks, so watch for that update by liking us and following us @serversuit

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This article was originally published in March 2017

July 22 2020

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