Simple Setup Of RoundCube

RoundCube is an open source webmail client, and today we're going to show you how to set one up. It supports IMAP and SMTP protocols and can be extended with plugins. Before starting actual RoundCube installation and configuration, we'll need a LAMP server installed on your Linux server to support it. Refer to our LAMP Package Setup guide, if you need to, before going forward. 

With LAMP set up, we'll need to create a database in MySQL:

ServerSuit ~# CREATE DATABASE roundcube;
ServerSuit ~# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON roundcube.* TO username@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

Make sure to change username and password accordingly. The next step is downloading the latest version (1.1.4) of Roundcube tar file. You can find the package on Roundcube's official site “” or use wget to download it.

ServerSuit ~# wget

Unzip the downloaded package:

ServerSuit ~# gunzip -c roundcubemail-1.1.4-complete.tar.gz | tar xf -

Then you need to move the unzipped roundcubemail-1.1.4-complete directory into Apache, so it can be set to point your browser to http://localhost/roundcubemail-1.1.4-complete/installer/. When when you click the "Start Installation" button, the installer will check system requirements and if you don't get any red notifications, RoundCube will be installed. Once your web server is installed you can click "NEXT" to create the config files. You need to set database credentials within the "Database Setup" section and change the settings according to your needs. When you are done with configurations, hit the "Create Config" button.

You will get a text box with the configuration. Copy the content of text box and save it into a file named and then move it into config/ directory of Roundcube. Finally click "Continue" button to verify the configuration, then click "Initialize database" button to create the necessary tables in your database. For sequrity reasons, you should deny access to the following directories through your webserver:

  • /config
  • /temp
  • /logs

There you go! Now you got Roundcube all set up and ready to go! Just as a reminder, ServerSuit has the Roundcube package available- preconfigured!- from our software library. ServerSuit is free for 30 days when you first register!

Take it easy everyone, and stay tuned for our next article!

May 04 2016

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