ServerSuit Technical How-To’s

November 10 2021

The quick answer is that you can just use the * command. Click after the break for more detail.

November 08 2021

Depending on what you're doing, chances are you've been in a situation where you've opened multiple terminal windows while working on a project. Here's a quick tip to help you set up history sharing between terminal windows.

November 04 2021

According to the bash main page, .bash_profile is executed for login shells, while .bashrc is executed for interactive non-login shells.

So, what is a login or non-login shell?

When you login (type username and password) via console, either sitting at the machine, or remotely via ssh: .bash_profile is executed to configure your shell before the initial command prompt. But, if you’ve already logged into your machine and open a new terminal window (xterm) inside Gnome or KDE, then .bashrc is executed before the window command prompt. .bashrc is also run when you start a new bash instance by typing /bin/bash in a terminal.

An exception to the terminal window guidelines is Mac OS X’s, which runs a login shell by default for each new terminal window, calling .bash_profile instead of .bashrc. Other GUI terminal emulators may do the same, but most tend not to.

November 02 2021

I'm an not a fan of firewalls. In fact, I've run most of my systems without one for over a decade. Eventually, I did start to wonder if running a firewall might be worth the hassle of its upkeep; after all many networks run them by default, and your friends and family probably have a firewall running without them even knowing. In trying to decide whether I should do a firewall myself, I got a pros and cons list going and I thought I'd share it here. So here we go.

October 28 2021

Why backup?

While your mileage may vary, most people hold critical data on their servers. If it's just a server for personal use, that's still time, resources, and effort invested in setting it up and keeping it running. Time that now has to be backtracked and spent again on reconfiguring everything.

If you're running the server for business or research, there will be a lot of people directly dependent on that server being up. Going down means losing money and losing trust, on top of the resource and time investment I already mentioned. 

How ready are your servers for hardware failure? Electrical outage? Natural disaster? A good backup strategy will account and compensate for as many potential interruptions as possible.

October 26 2021

In this article we will be covering the basics of how to remotely manage a Linux based virtual private server. Remote control of a VPS through Linux is done through its console. If you're using Windows, however, you'll need to get a utility that allows you to connect to your Linux server over SSH, such as Putty. For Mac users, "SSH-client" is a built-in app that functions similarly. 

Using utilities like scprsyncsftp we can control the server as well as send and recieve files over an encrypted connection. As long as your server is properly configured to use SSH, it will be very secure from any possible intrusion. To that end, there's a couple of guidelines you should follow to ensure a secure configuration of your SSH-server; a) keep access credentials as private as possible, limiting them to only the individuals actively using the server and b) use access keys instead of password, since passwords are easier to create and easier to brute force.

October 25 2021

You got a irregularly high amount of traffic coming into your server. So much, in fact, that it's slowing down your server and other clients are timing out trying to access it. Looks like you're under a DDoS attack. DDoS, or destributed denial of service, is a specific way to attack and distabilize a server, by flooding it with traffic from one or more sources.

October 06 2021

Virtualization has come a long way in recent years. These days it's not uncommon to deploy a massive amount of virtual servers on top of a physical server cluster. Virtualization makes management of system resources and data storage systems a breeze, as in cloud VPS. Virtual servers can be moved around while you swap a physical server out, and then moved back onto it with no downtime. 

October 04 2021

It's fairly common to encounter a problem when setting up a private email server; your outgoing email sometimes gets classified as spam. WHOOPS! 

Well we're here to help you avoid this awkward situation! 

September 23 2021

Generally, the reasons for not using shell loops for text processing are conceptual, reliability, legibility, performance and security. Read on to see the explanation for each.