ServerSuit May Release

The May update has landed and is live now, as soon as you log in to ServerSuit. Here are the big changes you can take advantage of immediately:

Server Cloning
- You can use this function to clone your server configuration to another server. You'll also have the option of cloning server data as well.

Server to Server File Copy
- You can now copy any and all files from one server to one or more servers.

Directory Synchronization
- You can set a schedule for synchronizing files and directories between servers, with the ability to dynamically adjust based on current server load.

In addidtion, we've also removed the Apache/Nginx/PHP package and added Nginx/PHP-FPM (LEMP package now includes Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB).

As always, you can stay updated with our new releases on Twitter and Facebook

-Until next time!

May 18 2018

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