ServerSuit Free Monitoring Tool September Update

We at ServerSuit are happy to announce our Fall 2020 release!

Free monitoring tool for Linux, network monitoring, system monitoring software:

  • Alerts
    Get instant notifications through emails and messages (push messages in Viber, Slack), upon when alerting events take place.
  • Resources
    Control current resource consumption (CPU, memory, disk usage, network).
  • Bandwidth
    Regulate bandwidth for your processes, applications and networks.
  • Log Files
    Monitor files, logs, and errors.
  • Database
    Monitor your databases through variable types of sensors with commonly altered settings.
  • Application
    Monitor apps with a comprehensive statistical data analysis available up to date.
  • Cloud
    Monitor cloud computing services from any platform and location.
  • Server
    Monitor all types of Linux servers in real time (availability, accessibility, resource consumption, and more).
  • LAN
    Do network checking for typical network issues in servers, routers, switches, workstations, and more.
  • SNMP
    Monitor a diverse range of devices using the SNMP functionality.

Infrastructure monitoring, network monitoring for free.

Linux server monitoring, Debian server monitoring, Ubuntu server monitoring, CentOS server monitoring (SaaS). 

Monitor infrastructure now, check it out!

September 01 2020

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