ServerSuit August 2016 Update

Hey everyone, users and fans! 

ServerSuit has rolled out the August update to our server monitoring dashboard, so take a look at our new and improved features after the break!

User Scripts

"Custom Scripts" are now a menu item located on the sidebar in the Dashboard.
- You can now use your own, user-defined, scripts. Our current script editor supports syntax highlights for bash, .sh, python, and php; however, you can use any script you like. 
- Scripts can be run on any number of servers you want with no restriction. Scripts will run in parallel. 
- The following preset variables are available for use:
 %ip% - IP address of the server on which the script will run.
%hostname% - server hostname on which the script will run.
%email% - administrator email address. 
- You can monitor script execution through the ServerSuit Dashboard. There are limitations on this, though: it can only display 1kb of data per 5 seconds. Exit status will be displayed after completion.

Web Based FTP Client

To access FTP Client go to Accounts -> Manage -> FTP -> Open FTP Client (next to FTP accounts in the list)
- To use the FTP client, "net2ftp" must be installed. Will open a new tab/window.
- Read, create, edit, and delete files and directories.
- Manage user access privileges to files and directories.
- File compression/archiving available.
- Search function.
- Issue and run FTP commands.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where you could create a FTP user without a domain. 
- Fixed an issue with the srcurity token not saving after server install.
- New server installation no longer breaks SSH daemon config.
- Backup notifications will now dissapear properly.
- Fixed an issue with uploading files to /public_html.

We're constantly improving our service and collecting user feedback. Reach us over at Twitter and be sure to follow us to stay up to date with news, releases, our regular Linux tutorial updates, and more from ServerSuit!

Till next time!

August 04 2016

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