November Update is Here!

Our November update is here! Since you never install ServerSuit, you don't need to download anything and this update will be live the next time you login! Here's what's new and dfferent:

  • Support added for Ubuntu 16, Debian 8 and 9, CentOS 7
  • Brand new file manager!
  • New monitoring console added. 
  • WordPress has been added to the software library, available to download and installed with ensured compatability. (You can also select the version you want.)
  • Support added for PHP 7. Packets that include PHP in our Software Library will prompt you to select the version of PHP you want when you try to install them.
  • New optimizations for Amazon Web Servers and Google Cloud
  • You can no longer add a server by using root password.
  • Fixed several bugs and errors in the Software Library.
  • More detailed error logs.
  • Errors are now coded to make them easier to for us to troubleshoot and support.
  • Removed Web-based FTP Client from available software.

That's all for this release. Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook!

-Until Next Time!

November 01 2017

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