Monitoring Alerts Update

Our new release, featuring improved server notification systems, has landed! Check out the update notes below.

New Features

- Log Reader

You can use this feature to read and monitor any log file within your system in real time.

Accessible through Monitoring > Log Reader

- Process Manager

Newly added process manager will now diplay running processes. Running processes have the option to be killed through the dashboard UI.

Available through the Monitoring > Services > All Processes Tab

- Alerts - updated Alerts are available in the Monitoring > Services > Alerts tab

File Watcher - Alerts can be configured to be notified when changes are made within the file system, including when a file is created, deleted, written to, and whether a file exceeds or drops below a specified size. You can also configure this to track specific strings and changes within files, as well as time duration within which you'd like to be notified of these events.

Resource watcher - Alerts can be configured to notify you about usage of system resources. This includes CPU usage, remaining hard drive space, RAM usage, etc. Each can be customized with their own threshold for which you'd recieve alerts.

Server Availability - You can configure alerts to let you know if your server is reachable. You can customize this to set specific time intervals for when you'd want to recieve this alert (i.e, you expect your server to go offline for an update so you wouldn't need to be notified, but if it's been offline for over an hour you'd be alerted to protracted unavailability.)


Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue with the monitoring graph for hard drives when using a CentOS server.

- Improved the hard drive monitoring graph. It will now display real time information for individual partitions.

- Monitoring Dashboard has been improved, and will display real time CPU and memory usage

- Various UI improvements

- Various minor bug fixes.

This release is currently available the next time you log into ServerSuit! Hope you enjoy the new features and improvements.

If you have any questions or feedback find us on Twitter and Facebook.

-Until next time!

September 18 2018

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