Debian Support In Latest ServerSuit Update 3.9.196!

Happy to announce we launched support for Debian distros with our latest release build! Servers running Debian 7, along with already supported CentOS and Ubuntu, can now be fully integrated with ServerSuit and all of our super useful features like backups, preconfigured mail servers, our entire library of preconfigured software and more!

We've also added a handy new tool, real time activity logs. Users can now use ServerSuit to browse through activity logs on the server - process details, start and finish information, current status, and PID. In addition, modified our error reporting when adding servers to our system to provide more details when they're encountered. 

Finally, we fixed a bug that occured when using ServerSuit on minimal versions of our supported distros. Users should no longer encounter issues when integrating ServerSuit with minimal versions of Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS.

If you haven't already, try ServerSuit FREE For 30 Days when you sign up! Take advantage of our quick and easy management utilities that allow you to instantly set up your server for development, web application hosting, launch mail services or RDMS, easily configure essentials like Cron and Backups, manage domains, and more. 

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Till next time!

January 23 2017

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