Big New UI Update Hits ServerSuit (3.9 build 211)

New build of ServerSuit is out, so let's go see what's included in the latest release


ServerSuit 3.9, build 211:

  • -New software has been added to our curated library. eXtplorer -  a web based file management system. You can find it in the software chest to install it in just a couple clicks.
  • -Added service management in the Monitoring section. You can now manage running services without leaving the monitoring screen.
  • -Added ability to setup monitoring notifications.


UI Changes

  • -User Interface was updated for better ergonomics.
  • -Improved mobile version UI.
  • -Now shows progress when adding a server- only in ServerSuit UI (no console progress with adding by script)
  • -Added an "Add Server" button on the end of server list.
  • -Reorganized forms to have simple and advanced version in one place (adding account, domain, mailbox, ftp user, database, database user).
  • -Improved DNS management interface.
  • -Improved mailbox management interface.


Software Library Changes

  • -Added ability to group software by status.
  • -Software status now appears in the list.
  • -Added ability to start soft installation from the list
  • -Improved software dependencies installation.


Server Management changes

  • -You can now see supported OS on the Add Server page.
  • -Improved detecting and reporting problems when adding server to ServerSuit panel.
  •  -Added ability to launch installed soft from the list.
  • -Added quotas management for server accounts


That about rounds out the update notes, minus a few bug fixes that we implement regularly. This release is live NOW, so you can log in and start using all these new features immediately!

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- See you next time!

May 27 2017

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