Backups Have Arrived!

We at ServerSuit are proud to announce another addition that rounds out our Linux server monitoring dashboard suite: backups! Backups are an integral part of ensuring business continuity for everything from an errant change or deletion to recovery in case of disaster. A modern business has to be prepared for everything after all.

To use backups, you will need to log into ServerSuit and have a server added to your dashboard.  After that, it’s as simple as going into the “Backups” section from the server menu in the dashboard and clicking “Create.” This will create a backup file on your server. Subsequent backups won’t override this file, allowing multiple rollback points. To use ServerSuits’ backup and restore system, no installation is required.

To copy backups to your local machine, you will need to install a Backup Access Tool, also available in the “Backups” menu or the “Software” menu accessible directly from the dashboard.

We’re working hard to bring more features to ServerSuit. These include cloud storage for backups, automated backup scheduling and ability to choose between partial and full backup restoration. Be sure to look out for those features, and more, in the near future!

May 22 2016

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