We Got A Lockdown On Security

Data security has been our top priority from day 1. We know that in today's environment, you can't take security for granted. So what do we actually do to protect your servers and data (and ours, for that matter)?

As a first, basic, line of defense, we don't even store your root password in our system. After we require the root password for first time activation, the password gets deleted from our servers and an account with an auto-generated password gets created and used. In turn, that new, generated, password is encrypted and can't be retrieved by anyone- including our staff. Our front end servers have to decrypt it using your ServerSuit account data to get you connected to your server.

Data transferred between servers is encrypted using SSH or HTTPS 128-bit SSL certificate. Additionally, ServerSuit uses a token system. When running scripts or changing configurations, you can set up session tokens to have another authorization layer while working on your server. In the very rare possibility someone gets hold of your account credentials, they won't be able to get into your server without knowing your token. We don't store these tokens either, and you will need a root password to change them!

Security is always our number 1 priority, and we're constantly updating our security procedures. Follow us to keep up with the updates and changes to ServerSuit to improve your experience and security! Till next time!

August 07 2016

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Data transferred between servers is encrypted using SSH or HTTPS 128-bit SSL certificate. https://forpc.onl/ https://jfi.cam/jiofilocalhtml/