Virtual Private Servers Are Here!

Our goal with ServerSuit has always been to lower the barrier for entry and cost of operation for online businesses. Modern businesses run on servers; which can be expensive and a headache to run. Windows Server is notoriously bloated and expensive, and often not worth dealing with at all, even if you can afford it.

Linux is an increasingly popular choice, due to its security and reliability. ServerSuit was designed to make working with your Linux servers even easier with a wide range of utilites, system monitoring tools and our convenient user interface. Now we're happy to announce another convenience we've added: virtual server rental. That's just one less thing to worry about. You no longer have to get your own server or rent one somewhere else. If you need an affordable solution for web hosting, we got you covered with both a VPS and a comprehensive system to manage it.

We rent out virtual private servers at as low as $5 a month and are fully flexible, meaning you can choose a configuration that best fits your needs. Head over to our VPS page to see all the options we have available!

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April 16 2018

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