Server Monitoring Can Be A Lot Easier

I believe it should be intuitively obvious that a server - much like any other kind of infrastructure - is not something you can just turn on and walk away from. While consumer technology has been trying to sell itself on the "it just works" claim, we know that there's nothing that actually just works. When it comes to running servers, regular upkeep is important and constant awareness of what your server is doing is paramount.

Ok, But I'm Already Monitoring My Server

Good! You already understand the need to do so. You've probably had issues where they'd be a lot easier to overcome if only you'd checked up on the server earlier. How much is your monitoring costing you, by th--

It's free. I monitor it for free.

When it comes to monitoring Linux servers, you can indeed monitor them for free. Grab something like atop and you're good to go. Chances are, you're probably already using a command-line tool like this.

But you already know that command line is.... well, it's command line. The output can be pretty abstract, and you have to study up ahead of time just to interpret the data you're getting. Learning a command line script so that you can then learn to understand the readout is actually quite important. It's also incredibly annoying.

Tools like this are notoriously limited. Which means if you're already using something like atop, you already have a whole library of plugins and other tools just to get basic information.

Full GUI tools are also available, but they're not even remotely cheap. Not only that, but they all require an agent installed

Ok... Command Line Is Clumsy, GUI costs resources and money... You're gonna just try to sell me on ServerSuit aren't you? You marketers keep doing this, it's so ann--

Here's the thing, though. ServerSuit simply checks all the boxes:

- Full GUI monitoring every aspect of your server. Even has command line, if you insist!
- No local agent to install. Fully "agentless", cloud based monitoring.
- At $5/month, it's the cheapest option available.

It's fully featured. Not only does ServerSuit track basic hardware status like RAM, CPU and network usage. Process monitoring and management, anti-virus, log reader are all fully included with literally nothing to install. On top of that, ServerSuit also includes pre-configured software and software packets ready to go.

Our software also allows you to fully manage and setup your own domain, email server and databases. And, of course, you can manage and monitor all of that through ServerSuit too.

There's nothing to even exagerate, ServerSuit is simply the most feature complete option at a $5/month pricepoint. Are there even other monitoring solutions as low as that?

ServerSuit is always free for the first 30 days, and I think it would really be a disservice to your server to not give us a shot. You can sign up here, get your 30 day trial and find that you really have nothing to lose.

If you have questions or just wanna see how the project is going, follow and @ us on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Next Time!


November 07 2018

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