New Notifications and Alerts

Our humble team is always hard at work improving and streamlining ServerSuit's webpanel. As you may have seen already, we've recently launched VPS hosting to make cloud hosting a site or backup a breeze. We've completely reworked our backup system, which should definitely help you not have to start your work all over for the upteenth time.

So, really, we're just continuing our trend by improving our notification system. You can now access your logs and notifications from a single pane in your dashboard which tracks important events like messages, tasks and assignments.This ensures that you are always aware of important dates, events and status of your system and hardware so you never miss important information about your server. Notifications will appear as toasts on your dashboard in real time. Moreso, our system can send these out as direct messages over email, social media or SMS messages.

Notifications are completely customizable, so you can opt to have them come in over every possible channel, or just the ones you specify. You can even restrict them to specific time periods, if need be. The goal has been to make the system as flexible as possible.

Our team is nearly finished with the upcoming release, making sure we get the most critical bugs and optimizations included as well. Watch for it in the upcoming weeks!

Until next time!

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July 27 2018

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