Never Miss Out On What's Going On With Your Server

No one. Not a single human being out there wants to get that call from the office telling them the server is down. In fact, you could say you’re lucky if the call even came in! It might be your personal server, and there’s no one else over there to catch it when it’s down.

Better hope you’re home because, if you’re not, you gotta run to the closest PC… if not all the way back to the office. Factoring in travel times, the server has already been down for hours before you can even see what went wrong. Which is a huge no-no in a world where uptime is everything.

We got your back, though. ServerSuit’s linux server management panel was designed from the ground up to be fully mobile and portable. You can really check up on your server anywhere, anytime, because ServerSuit supports mobile and email alerts.  We can all agree it would be much better to get an alert from your Linux server connected ServerSuit immediately when an issue comes up, rather than having someone call you in only after they’ve stumbled on your unresponsive server.

What’s more is that you could troubleshoot and get your server back online with ServerSuit too! Whether you’re home, dining out, or at the gym…. but not on the road… don’t Linux and drive, folks.

Registration is totally free, and when you first register you can start using ServerSuit FREE! Hit us up, give it a try!

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April 20 2016

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