Happy Birthday CentOS

CentOS is 15 years old!

When we started development on ServerSuit, we wanted to make an affordable solution for small businesses. So, naturally, we actually started development with CentOS first, before adding support for other distros a bit down the line.

CentOS started it's development as a branch of Red Hat (RHEL- Red Had Enterprise Linux) in 2006. As Red Hat was transitioning into a paid model, demand grew for a free alternative. David Parsley, was working on Tao Linux at the time before rolling it over into the CentOS we all use today. CentOS itself is also an enterprise level Linux distro, and continues to use Red Hat source code and even eventually getting sponsored by Red Hat in 2016. CentOS supports its releases with updates for a 10 year span, with the current version (7) scheduled to continue to recieve updates through 2024.

And we hope it does! Looking at the release history, a new CentOS version is just around the corner. We're looking forward to using it, supporting it, and helping you get the most out of it through ServerSuit (which is FREE now, did you know? Check it out!)

Many happy returns, CentOS!

-Until next time!

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February 27 2019

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