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The brand new ServerSuit update is upon us, and we're finally incorporating a fully customizable Alerts interface. Obviously, the whole idea behind monitoring your server is to maintain a constant awareness of the state of your server; incredibly important if you're running a business or database, especially that other users rely on to stay up on demand. Having a website or service be "down" a decade ago may have been seen as a normal occurance, but in 2018 it feels jarring for the user. Jarring and, if what your users are looking for is time sensitive, deeply frustrating.

We understand this firsthand, running our own online service ServerSuit, and the whole point of this service is to create tools for you and ourselves to make these aspects of running a server as easy as possible.

I think that was fine for the preamble, let's get into it.

You can't possibly sit there, looking at CPU usage charts your entire workday to see what your server is up to. Most of us pay a lot more attention to what happens on the server rather than in the server. So there's that first set of available alerts:

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk Usage

Hopefully self explanatory. ServerSuit's UI will have some conditionals you can customize; you can specify whether you get alerts for usage surpassing specific thresholds and set intervals. Intervals are useful because if you set an alert for, say, when a CPU core goes over 99% usage. In regular use, this happens all the time but as intermittent spikes. Your inbox would get cluttered pretty quick if every little CPU even sent you an alert.

However, if your CPU has been operating at 99% load for the past 50 minutes, that's probably an issue you need to investigate. This is where setting alert intervals, and you can be notified when a system threshold has been breached for any amount of time you specifiy for any hardware component.

Another set of alerts we've added is for file management. The internet is full of threads and posts asking for advice on scripts for file alerts, and what we've done is incorporate the most useful ones into ServerSuit's interface. These alerts include:

  • File creation
  • File deletion
  • File access
  • File size modification
  • Existence period
  • String tracking

The first part of the list is self explanatory. We have options to be notified whenever files, or a specific file, is created, destroyed, modified or accessed. Files can be specified by name, in case a process is expected to create and manipulate that file. Great for monitoring what your processes are doing and when. File existence is a check admins run usually for some other tasks, and can also be set on intervals. You can also track specific strings within records, and be notified when a specific string shows up during runtime whether you're tracking performance or policing for rogue strings. This funtioncCan also be specifified to run on intervals.

We'll be constantly reviewing this feature after launch, and I will be detailing those changes in upcoming posts so keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook. Be on the lookout for our upcoming update in this coming week!

Until next time!


August 17 2018

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