February 02 2016

It’s fair to say that a big reason any of us are even running Linux in the first place is due to our belief in FOSS (Free Open Source Software). The widespread availability of- and belief in- shared software is what the Linux community is built on.  
But, whereas the sheer flexibility of FOSS is downright brilliant, there are still unavoidable logistical hurdles. If we want to get an app onto our server, whether it’s Apache web server or VirtualBox, we gotta head over to a hosting site that- hopefully- has the app we’re looking for and its latest version. We gotta patch into our server, locally or remotely, extract it and wait for the installation.

What if you have multiple servers that need the same set of apps?

January 15 2016

Free web control panel for Linux servers management and monitoring in real-time.
Whether you're on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Whether you're on Windows, Android, Linux or Apple.
Whether you're a professional Linux system administrator or a first time user...
If you need a quick, secure way to setup, manage and monitor Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian servers, ServerSuit got you covered!
We have been at work, striving to provide a fast, intuitive way for Linux server administration while still maintaining the level of customization you would expect from your Linux platform.

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