The Benefits of ServerSuit

ServerSuit is all cloud and no installation! Our Linux server management suite uses Secure Shell connection to manage your servers with zero performance footprint!

Achieve Absolute Portability!

Connect to your Linux servers from any device. ServerSuit works on Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.

Manage Multiple Linux Servers Easily!

No need to connect and login to each of your servers. Instead instantly perform a large variety of Linux server management tasks directly from ServerSuit's easy to read Dashboard.

Dedicate server resources to mission-critical tasks!

Do not burden your Linux servers with non-essential software. ServerSuit does not install any client software to your serves, no does it require open connections for any significant time.

Enjoy A Wide Range Of Tools And Utilities!

Manage services, user accounts, databases, web servers, DNS, domains. Install software and create back ups.

Reduce workload and improve team productivity!

Most standard tasks can be launched in batches, across multiple Linux server and run unattended, notifying you about status upon completion.

Improve Emergency Response!

Increase uptime! Get notified and react instantly from any smartphone, tablet, PC.

Save time on software installation!

Install frequently used software from our Software Chest directly to your Linux servers, in minutes. No need to navigate to vendors sites then download and install on each server. Visit our Software Chest to see what software is available for direct installation.

multi tool Linux server management

Currently Compatible With:

versions: 5, 6

versions: 14

versions: 7





Cloud Linux

Free BSD

ServerSuit Is Backed By

Sophisticated Security Protection

User Data, Server Access Info, and Cryptographic Keys Are All Encoded
With 256-bit Encryption With Multiple Security Layers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the latest solutions for some common issues.

  1. NO,
    Most of the standard management tasks are already scripted and you can perform them using our intuitive, user-centered, GUI. As along as you have basic knowledge of Linux you can start using ServerSuit.
  2. BUT,
    If you have some administrative skills you can add your own custom scripts and configurations, store them in the system and execute them as needed.
    you can take advantage of our remote shell tool that will allow you to be as intimate with your Linux as you would like to be.

With ServerSuit, we are aiming to create an accommodating user experience, that is scalable to your needs and skills.

ServerSuit™ provides instant remote access to Linux servers and allows you to perform remote administration, and multi-server setup automation as well as setup mail servers and website hosting. Users can connect to their managed servers virtually from any device or platform. Users can create their own scripts and tasks, store them within the system, and launch them manually or set them for automation. ServerSuit’s convenient UI allows you to create and use custom templates, saving you time in the long run. ServerSuit’s 100% portability, along with its ability to run tasks across multiple servers directly contributes to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Instant emergency response from any location
  • Improved uptime
  • Reducing maintenance cost


ServerSuit offers a very flexible, cost effective, pricing model, tailored to your needs of your spending to your particular situation. More on pricing here.

ServerSuit is a completely new way to manage your Linux servers. Try it now!


ServerSuit™ is a unique browser based program that enables remote Linux administration, monitoring, website hosting, and server setup automation. ServerSuit™ is developed by Clear Sky Technologies Inc.

Linux server monitoring from mobile

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All plans include all available software.

The basic idea behind our pricing structure is that the more you use ServerSuit the less it should cost you. This approach is implemented in two models:

  1. Time based plan is for users who need to connect to their servers frequently and stay connected indefinitely. If you use this plan, you will be charged a monthly fee for each server you manage. Discounts are provided for managing multiple servers and for providing advanced payments for more than one month.
  2. Usage based plan will assume charges based on the time you spend actively using ServerSuit (being connected to your dashboard) and is for users who do not need to connect to their servers frequently. The fee will be calculated based on cost per hour of usage, with minimal increment been 5 min. You will be required to make a minimum deposit for 1 hour of usage per server. Discounts will be provided for buying more time in advance.

You can switch from one payment model to another at any time. Any remaining credits will be recalculated and applied toward just activated model.

See our price calculator

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