The Benefits Of ServerSuit

Only the tools you need, for the lowest price on the market

With ServerSuit you can manage and monitor multiple Linux servers from your favorite browser and any device, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone or desktop. ServerSuit will scale up to any number of servers you might have.

Instantly configure your servers to suit your needs. ServerSuit is built to accommodate beginner and intermediate users, while providing the tools experienced Linux admins expect, such as SSH access and custom script management.

Resource monitoring, user accounts management,
task scheduler, domain management, backups and more!

For your convenience we curated a number of commonly used free professional software, allowing you to install LAMP packages, MariaDB, mail server and many others with just a single click. ServerSuit keeps track of previously installed software to ensure proper installation sequence and mutual compatibility.

Supported Server Platforms

versions: 6, 7

versions: 14, 16, 18

versions: 8, 9, 10

Complete Security

User Data, Server Access Info, and Cryptographic Keys Are All Encoded
With 256-bit Encryption With Multiple Security Layers.

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